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Customized tools

Make your components

Our production means allow us to offer the manufacture of tools by conventional processes or other revolutionary techniques. We offer a wide range of solutions that can be adapted to the type of component required for your engineering project. The Únic works team will offer you different options to make your project a success!

    High-precision machining

    Milling of different types of materials to obtain tools of excellent surface and dimensional quality in really short time. We work conventional or exotic metals, technical plastics and thermosetting resins indifferently. In addition, it is also possible to mark all components and to carry out subsequent surface treatment.

    Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    Design without limits, obtain highly complex geometries or parts with unique characteristics and very light weights in optimized geometries or get components with internal cavities for fluid flow. We have a wide variety of technologies and materials for your projects.


    Ultra lightweight tools with state-of-the-art features. Thanks to the uniqueness of the composite materials, we obtain qualities in the tools that are very different from those found in conventional materials. The qualities are: excellent tensile strength and torsional strength, very long life cycles due to low fatigue, improved ergonomics due to their geometric possibilities and a greater safety due to their low weight.


    Standard aluminium profiles, technical plastics or composite materials. We assemble any geometry in modular composite profiles with customized connections according to your needs, including the different safety elements, closures or barriers.

    Innovative components and tools

    In many cases the manufacture of a tooling has much to do with the production of a single functional part. It must be produced to the highest quality standard and serve its purpose. Everything from a simple positioning bench to a complex system of moving hydraulic elements controlled by a pre-programmed system must be produced with the same rigour.

    Additional services

    Let us do the project with you!

    We are a team of experts who are enthusiastic about unique ideas. We help companies create excellent products that can be positioned at the highest level.

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