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Project consultancy

Get advise on your projects

Although the accompaniment in any project we handle is something implicit in the management of the company so that everything is a success, it is true that we can still go a step further to help you choose the solution that best suits your needs. Únic Works’ technical team puts all its experience at your disposal with the main aim of inspiring you to develop or create products that are on a next level.

    Choice of technology

    Choose the technology you need, not the one you usually use. We show you which technology is suitable for the purpose you require. Normally the production times, the accuracies and finishes or the behaviour of the materials with which you produce, influence on the final result. We will show you what benefits you get and how the use of one technology or another affects you.

    Choice of materials

    Choosing a material can be a complex task, depending on the purpose of your project. For this reason, we advise and help you choose the material that best suits your needs. It may be due to a technical or aesthetic requirement, functional or some limitation in the technology used. En cualquier caso buscamos qué opción es la más adecuada para usted.

    Choice of finishes

    This is probably the broadest and most complex field of all because creativity has no limits. We will help you to get the finish you need in your project by providing all our experience. We carry out customised studies of materials, supports and treatments and, in addition, we develop customised techniques.

    Cost optimisation

    We advise you on the best way to make your project fit your budget. Every project is different, so a thorough control of the total cost will ensure that your projects are not affected by unnecessary excesses or overly economic processes that penalise later stages.

    Error analysis

    We help you to study if the production of your design is viable, avoiding over costs due to repetition of pieces or other problems that may arise and compromise the project or its execution time. We mainly study issues such as interferences, thicknesses, tolerances, quantities or other technical aspects.

    Your success is our goal

    The success of a project, in which different departments or suppliers are involved, depends mainly on all the members working together, expressing their doubts or solutions to the different problems that may arise while working on the project. In this way, it will be possible to work together as if it were a well-tuned instrument.

    Additional services

    Let us do the project with you!

    We are a team of experts who are enthusiastic about unique ideas. We help companies create excellent products that can be positioned at the highest level.

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