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Unique finishes

Get spectacular finishes

We carry out all kinds of finishes and constantly incorporate new processes. At Únic Works we believe that a good finish is a key factor when manufacturing very high quality parts. For this reason, we can take your projects one step further thanks to the wide range of finishes we offer or the combinations we can make between them.


    We paint your pieces as you need. We use a wide variety of possibilities ranging from industrial paints to refinish paints with single, two or three layer methods. In addition, we prepare the surface of your pieces with ultra-fine sandblasting or the application of different types of backgrounds or primers to ensure that the final result is excellent.


    We paint all types of pieces either for protection against external agents or to achieve a specific glossy, satin or matt appearance. We work with all types of materials, we apply on simple plastic and metal surfaces or complex surfaces such as wood or composites where in some cases it will be necessary to apply special backgrounds to obtain perfect reflections.

    Hard Coat

    Protect against scratching or small impacts pieces that require a durable transparency or shine and excellent surface characteristics. We apply this kind of coating on translucent or transparent materials, or materials that must retain a high gloss and are subject to mechanical friction.

    Anodized in colour

    Obtain anodised aluminium parts in the colour of your choice. We match colours from a simple sample to a sample with a specific colour code from RAL or PANTONE paint manufacturers. In addition, the anodised parts can be finished in gloss, satin or matt and with engraving or brushing effects.

    Chrome plating

    sing the electroplate technique you can obtain a chrome finish on metal or ABS parts. We can also match different shades and effects typical of this process and produce a matt or gloss finish.

    Vacuum Plating

    Apply a metallic coating, that can be glossy or matt, on plastic, metallic, glass or ceramic pieces and that can support up to 200 ºC. There are mainly two common applications: for parts that require excellent reflection or provide excellent surface conductivity to non-conductive materials.


    Achieve a soft-touch finish that is widely used in product areas where the user is expected to end up having contact. his finish can be used as a substitute for overmolding certain parts with elastomers, as the effect simulates the soft touch of the treated area. In addition, we can match the colour according to a code or a sample.


    Get logos, complex shapes or various geometries and colours on the surface of your parts. We can use this process as a masking to obtain some impressive finishing effects.

    Laser marking and engraving

    Use laser marking to achieve incredible finishes on a variety of surfaces. We mark on paint to achieve colour effects or to remove paint in areas where light must pass through and we trim materials to achieve different surface textures.


    We upholster your projects in a handmade way, respecting the original design. We work on prototypes or small series of pieces for different sectors and with a great variety of materials in addition to making embroidery.


    We can polish different materials, from metals, such as aluminium, to plastics, such as PMMA and PC, to achieve high gloss surface finishes and obtain total transparency on parts with optical surfaces.


    We vinyl any kind of surface with a great variety of vinyl to achieve different effects. We use two types of vinyl, technical and aesthetic. In the case of technical vinyls we make camouflages to safeguard the confidentiality of your projects or we protect with vinyls the impacts or scratches that the protected surfaces may receive. For aesthetic vinyl we have a wide range of colours and effects to choose from.

    A universe of finishes

    To achieve a great project, the finish must be excellent. For this reason, we are in a process of continuous research and innovation of finishes to get as many as possible, of all types and for the greatest number of materials. In this way, we manage to work with the specific finishes that our clients need and make their projects shine.

    Additional services

    Let us do the project with you!

    We are a team of experts who are enthusiastic about unique ideas. We help companies create excellent products that can be positioned at the highest level.

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