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Who we are

Know us

We are one of the main custom-made manufacturers at a global level y number one in adaptability in our service.

We offer high added value services to develop projects basically in 5 areas: prototyping, low volume series, finishes, tooling and consultory. Our experience and the wide portfolio of technologies position us as a sector referent.

We dominate the whole cycle of process, from their conception and design, through development and validation, to their industrialisation and sequential delivery.

We create

Únic Works helps to develop projects for big companies or small design studios. We lead the way in custom ideas manufacturing. Únic Works has re-invented prototyping service and production and has defined the design and finishes future in the main sectors.

We develop

We exist to create great products and focus our work in innovation. We trust in simplicity and functionality. We think we must be experts in the technologies we offer and contribute in the markets where we can do significant work. We focus on projects as if they were our own. We think we must be experts in the technologies we offer and contribute in the markets where we can do significant work. We focus on projects as if they were our own.

We inspire

We pursue excellence with perseverance. We provide a service and personalized attention. We offer a dedicated approach to projects. We are based on the development, innovation and constant improvement of our procedures.

únic group

The firm Únic Works is part of the Únic group. The group brings together different companies in the technology sector that provide a high added value to their products or services.

In the world

Our Business lines


  • Prototipos
  • Series cortas
  • Proyectos especiales
  • Útiles


  • Acabados superficiales
  • Recubrimientos y tratamientos
  • Montajes
  • Muestras a medida


  • Diseño paramétrico
  • Modelado de estilo
  • Optimización topológica
  • Diseño de acabados


  • Elección de tecnologías
  • Materiales alternativos
  • Propuesta de acabados
  • Análisis de errores

Business model


We work with individuals or freelancers who need a company that allows them to develop their projects with freedom.


We work with all-sized companies that require a strategy partner. We adapt our services to your needs and offer a high productivity production and a constant contribution of solutions to materialize your projects.


At Únic Works we are aware of the global changes that knowledge is producing in industry and in today’s society. We understand knowledge as an element that shapes our activity.


The core of the professional competence of our entire team is individual knowledge. At Únic works we believe in organisations that are based on learning and collaboration between people who add knowledge to our value chain.


At Únic Works we seek to enhance the capabilities of our people and develop their experience. Thus, we give rise to a continuous learning process that adapts the services we provide to the needs of our clients.


únic cloud


We make our data transmission system available to our clients to safeguard the confidentiality of their projects and facilitate the transmission of the information necessary to their projects.

Let us do the project with you!

We are a team of experts who are enthusiastic about unique ideas. We help companies create excellent products that can be positioned at the highest level.

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